Noel Gallagher has recorded a secret dance track "sitting there" waiting to be finished.

The former Oasis rocker teamed up with dance duo CamelPhat on 2020 hit 'Not Over Yet' from their debut album 'Dark Matter', and it turns out they collaborated on another song together.

Dave Whelan told the Daily Star newspaper's Wired column: "We also did a great track with Noel that sounds like when The Beatles went to India.

"It features a sitar we recorded with a very talented Israeli musician."

Unfortunately, the 'Don't Look Back In Anger' hitmaker was busy working on his latest album 'Council Skies', which meant the track wasn't finished in team for CamelPhat's second LP 'Spiritual Milk'.

Dave added: "Noel's vocal isn't complete. He was happy if we got another vocalist in to finish the track, and we tried.

"We used five different vocalists, but it's only Noel's voice that sounds right. For now, the track is sitting there.

"We're happy if Noel wants to finish it for his own music or if he finishes it for us - we'll respect Noel's decision whatever."

During lockdown Noel, 56, agreed to work with several other artists on new music, which included a collaboration with British rapper Dizzee Rascal, something he is usually reluctant to do.

The 'Wonderwall' hitmaker previously admitted he was disappointed that not all of the songs he co-wrote have been released yet.

Back in May 2021, he told BBC Radio 6 Music: "I've co-written a lot of songs, ironically, none of which seem to have seen the light of day.

"I did that thing with CamelPhat, which did come out, I did a thing with Dizzee, which never came up. I did a thing with [Paul] Weller which never got finished. I did do something with Imelda May that did come out, actually.

"Lots of people were doing it, I got so many emails saying, ‘Hey, I’ve got nothing to do, if you’ve got nothing to do we should write something.'"