Olivia Rodrigo's ex-boyfriend Zack Bia has broken his silence about the Vampire rumours.

During an interview with GQ, the 27-year-old DJ addressed the rumours surrounding Olivia's new breakup track, in which she refers to the subjects as a "famef**ker", insisting that he doesn't think the song was written about him.

"I think everyone that knows me personally loves me," Zack told the publication. "I don't think it's really about me. I think the Internet just ran with it."

The music executive said that since he is a musician himself, he knows "how a song gets made". He then insisted that he doesn't believe their former relationship could have inspired the dark breakup track.

"We hung out, we're both busy, and we ended up not furthering our relationship," Zack said of their romance. "There was never any drama, you know?"

Zack stated that the hit, which is from Olivia's latest album Guts, is "so big and awesome". He added, "Look, a heartbreak song for the summertime, it's an undefeated formula."

The DJ said that he didn't immediately deny the rumours suggesting that the song was inspired by him because he didn't want to get in the way of "the momentum" of the track.

"Look, the momentum of a song is so special," he shared. "I think Olivia is a generational songwriter. I think she's a generational talent. I'm always just proud of her continued accomplishments."

In June 2022, a source confirmed to People that Olivia and Zack were dating. The pair dated for about six months before calling it quits.