Halle Berry has blasted Drake for using an image of her getting slimed at the 2012 Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards on the cover of his latest single.

Following the release of Slime You Out, Drake's new single and collaboration with SZA, on Friday, the Monster's Ball actress revealed in a series of Instagram comments that the rapper "didn't get" her approval to use the image as the cover art for the song.

"Didn't get my permission," Berry wrote when a fan asked for her thoughts on the artwork. "That's not cool I thought better of him!"

She added, "Sometimes you have to be the bigger guy ... even if you're a woman!"

After a fan asked why she's so "mad" since the photo is "owned by Getty Images", the actress claimed the Canadian rapper initially reached out to her for permission and she turned him down.

"Cuz he asked me and I said NO that's why," Berry responded in her Instagram comments. "Why ask if you intend to do what you want to do! That was the f**k you to me. Not cool You get it?"

She added to another user, "He did have his people call my people call my people and I said NO. I didn't like that image of slime all over my face in association with his song. And he chose to do it anyway ! You see...that is the disrespect. Not cool !"

Drake's new album, For All the Dogs, is set for release on 6 October.