Kylie Minogue is happiest when she has expressed "deep emotion" in her music.

During an interview with Rolling Stone, the Australian hitmaker shared that she feels "happiest" when she has been able to share the thoughts that she is "struggling with" in her music.

"I'm happiest when I feel like I've expressed some deep emotion or thoughts that I'm struggling with and it's like talking with a friend," Kylie, 55, told the publication.

She continued, "Speaking your truth is helpful. When I am able to do that, I like to almost paint it instead of just spilling it out. I like to have some poetry with it to not be entirely obvious."

Elsewhere in the interview, the Can't Get You Out of My Head singer opened up about coping with fame.

"What I think is great for a lot of people now is that there's a discussion about mental health and the toll (fame) can take on people. I had that. I lived that," she said. "I was able to manage that myself and with my family and close friends and navigate those waters."

She added, "It wasn't a decision (to stay private). It was a reaction to protect myself and to protect my family because they would go through it with you."

Kylie is set to release her upcoming sixteenth studio album, titled Tension, on 22 September.