Leigh-Anne Pinnock is interviewed for the latest episode of Amazon Music's +44 podcast with hosts Zeze Mills and David "Sideman" Whitely. In this week's episode former member of Little Mix, Leigh-Anne Pinnock speaks openly about the impact of social media, her fans, her acting career, keeping her kids off social media and her next album. It would be great to hear your thoughts and if you fancied mentioning it?

On Social Media and feeling like a new artist
“It's been a hard sort of transition. I remember, when we did ‘Shout Out To My Ex’ and when streaming started taking over and it really started coming in. I'm so old school, I'm trying to kind of get used to it I guess but with social media and Tik Tok, that is such an important part of any campaign. We have to set time aside for that. Whereas before it'd be like oh, forget time, we’ll figure it out.”

Feeling like an old artist or a new artist
“It's incredible what Little Mix have done and what we've achieved, we've absolutely killed it. But now I am on my own and not all of the Little Mix fans are going to come along with me, I have to build a new fan base. Yeah, so I do feel like a new artist to some extent…”

Leigh-Anne’s experience of fans in the black community
“I feel a sense of people rooting for me, I really do feel that just in general. I don't know if the black community really knows me that well, being in the group Little Mix. I just feel maybe I need to be known better as a solo artist first so people can see who I am, what I'm about but also what I'm doing, you know? I feel like people have learned that from my documentary; Leigh-Anne: Race, Pop & Power.”

‘Boxing Day’ Film
“I wanted to start acting classes but I didn't expect a film to just come in like this and be like ‘do you want to audition?’ like yes. So I got the part and I loved it. I've definitely got the acting bug now I want to do more.”

On auditioning for other films
“I have done a couple of auditions. But I am just kept so busy right now I want to focus on my solo era and do that.”

Keeping her kids off of her social media and trolls
“Yes, yes. The thought process behind that. To be honest, I went through a difficult toxic social media experience. It didn’t scare me but, I was just like woah! I’d just given birth at that time as well so I thought no not for me. And there's not many things you get to keep for yourself so that’s just my decision.”

About her next album
“Well, I mean, it's definitely in the works. Yeah, to be honest, coming together quicker than I think anyone thought, which is good. I reckon next year for sure. Because I want to tour like I want to perform, I belong on stage.”