Nelly Furtado and Taylor Swift praised each other during a heart-warming exchange at the 2023 MTV VMAs earlier this week.

In a recent video uploaded to Nelly's TikTok account, the singers can be seen excitedly chatting with each other and prolific producer Timbaland backstage at the MTV Video Music Awards in New Jersey on Tuesday.

"I was streaming I'm Like a Bird the other day," Taylor told Nelly, referring to her 2000 hit.

"No you weren't," the Canadian singer replied.

"Yes, I was," Taylor, 33, affirmed, before gifting Nelly a compliment: "Versatility dude. You can do anything."

Nelly, 44, then gushed over Taylor, telling her, "Every time you write another amazing song, I'm like, 'She did it again!'"

Timbaland, 51, who was attending the ceremony with Nelly, can be seen agreeing with the Man Eater singer.

"Nah, you amazing," he told the Cruel Summer hitmaker.

Nelly's appearance at the VMAs comes off the back of her recent re-emergence into the music scene with her new song Keep Going Up, a collaboration with Justin Timberlake and Timbaland.

The song, which dropped earlier this month, was the trio's first track since the 2007 chart-topping collaboration, Give It to Me.