Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor has complained he is in "almost constant pain" on tour and isn't sure how long he will be able to continue to perform.

The 'Surfacing' singer turns 50 this December and has previously stated that he thinks he has "maybe five years left" of touring.

Now, Corey has opened up on the physical and emotional demands travelling the world has on his health, admitting it is "hard f****** work” at his age.

In an interview with Rock Feed, he shared: "I’ve already said that physically I maybe have five years left, but at the same time, I go out of my way to really try to take care of myself.

“Now I have a lot of f****** miles on me. It’s hard for me. People don’t realise this, but when I walk, I’m almost in constant pain. It’s the knees, it’s my feet. I have a broken toe on this foot. I have gout across my feet. It gets up into my joints and s***. Yeah, it’s tough. I’m not as nimble as I used to be. I’m not 35 anymore. It’s hard, but there are ways to do shows that don’t require being that crazy now.”

Corey says being on tour "doesn’t lend itself to being healthy” and says the lack of sleep and junk food all takes its toll on your wellbeing.

He added: "You eat, like, s*** and sleep like s***. And nine times out of 10, you’re gonna play like s***. We don’t want that. So it’s tough.

"Even a guy at my level, it’s not always laid-out catering and the best food and the best people. Sometimes it’s a soggy sandwich at 12:30 in the morning, and you’re looking at it, going, ‘If I put this in my body, I’m gonna throw up.'

“People don’t f****** get that.

“Our crew gets it even worse, ’cause they have to f****** go in, make sure everything’s good, and then they can go fucking take a nap. So it’s not gravy all the time, man. It’s tough. It’s hard f****** work. Even at our level, it’s hard work.”

Slipknot have been on tour in 2023 in support of their latest album, 2022’s ‘The End, So Far’.

Taylor is also set to embark on a run of UK and European solo dates in November in support of his second solo album, ‘CMFT2’, will be released on Friday (15.09.23).