Shania Twain wants to record a song with Adele.

The 'That Don't Impress Me Much' singer shocked the British star in November when she revealed she had secretly attended one of her Las Vegas concerts, and they went on to cross paths at the Grammy Awards earlier this year, so Shania hopes their budding friendship can extend to a musical collaboration.

She told The Sun newspaper's Bizarre column: “I would love to sing with her.

“I think we would blend beautifully together. Obviously, that would be amazing.

“She’s a great singer and has her own style that is unique.

“She’s a character on stage, too. She’s a fabulous performer.

“She’s so funny. I like her a lot.

“I saw her at an awards show shortly after — it was the Grammy Awards — and I was able to chat with her then.

“She was seated nearby and having a great time.

"We chatted about when I was in her audience, and I really loved the show. It was such a beautiful show.”

The 58-year-old singer kept fans waiting six years before releasing her latest album, 'Queen Of Me' last year but they won't have as long to wait for her next record as she's got a "ton" of tracks waiting to be recorded.

She explained: “I’ve got so much music that I wrote over the lockdown periods because I was, out of sheer boredom, needing an outlet for my creativity.

“I wrote a ton of stuff. I’ve got enough to make at least two albums right now.

“That’s been building up and I plan on making a new record as soon as I can.”

Adele previously expressed her excitement when she found out Shania had been in the audience for one of her shows.

In a post on Instagram, she wrote: "Thank god you had a hat on @shaniatwain I would have self combusted had I seen it was you!! I adore you, I can't believe you came to my show."