Dua Lipa has revealed that she was the "mum" of her friendship group when she was younger.

During an interview with Vogue France, the 28-year-old hitmaker shared that she took it upon herself to "look out" for her friends while she was working in the nightlife scene earlier in her career.

"Oh, yes! But in hindsight, I was rather strong," Dua replied when asked whether her parents worried about her working in nightclubs and restaurants.

"I was the mum of my group of friends. When we went out, I looked out for the other girls," the Dance The Night singer continued. "If there was any weird behaviour, I'd step in. And when a guy would tell me, 'Give us a smile, love...' I'd respond, 'Don't talk to me. You don't get to tell me when to smile.'"

When asked if she found it difficult breaking into the modelling industry while working in the nightclub business, Dua insisted that she enjoyed the experience.

"Not really. I really lived everything as a crazy experience," the performer said. "I made great friends. Plus, I danced, and I really love dancing."