Synth-pop legend Vince Clarke is releasing a new solo LP.

The 63-year-old songwriter - whose previous bands include Depeche Mode, Erasure and Yazoo - has announced the details for 'Songs Of Silence’, which will be released on November 17 via Mute Records, and first single ‘The Lamentations Of Jeremiah’.

The instrumental album has been entirely composed using Eurorack – a modular synthesizer format originally specified in 1995 by Doepfer Musikelektronik famed for its limitless configurations.

Confirming the 10-track record, Vince said: "I could have gone on forever, I could have not stopped.

"I was enjoying the process so much and wasn’t thinking about anyone else hearing it. But hearing it develop in my studio, in my head, learning new tricks – that’s been the best thing about this. I was in a state of shock, actually, when Mute said they wanted to release this album.”

The majority of the album was recorded in his home studio in New York, with Vince starting sessions as a creative distraction during the enforced COVID-19 lockdowns.

As well as exclusively composing the tracks on Eurorack, the 'Just Can't Get Enough' hitmaker also stuck to the artistic rule that each song would be centred around one note, maintaining a single key throughout.

Clarke has described the tracks as "having a sense of sadness, of things going bad, things crumbling".

‘Songs Of Silence’ tracklist

1. ‘Cathedral’

2. ‘White Rabbit’

3. ‘Passage’

4. ‘Imminent’

5. ‘Red Planet’

6. ‘The Lamentations of Jeremiah’

7. ‘Mitosis’

8. ‘Blackleg’

9. ‘Scarper’

10. ‘Last Transmission’