Kylie Minogue joined Zane Lowe on New Music Daily on Apple Music 1 to talk about her new single ‘Tension’ which is out now. ‘Tension’ is the second single to be taken from Kylie's highly-anticipated new album of the same name which is released 22 September. In the interview with Zane, Kylie talked about the huge success of previous single and viral hit ‘Padam Padam’, the making of the single and album ‘Tension’ and more.

The video for ‘Tension’ is also out now, watch it here. Directed by long-time collaborator Sophie Muller, the video sees Kylie take several different guises in a ‘retro-future’ alternate reality.

Kylie on the release of the album’s singles ‘Padam Padam’ and 'Tension’...
It's an incredible time. It doesn't really feel real to me yet because it's all just happening. ‘Padam' was just seismic. The earth was moving and now this is ‘Tension's first play. This is very exciting.

On the making of ‘Tension’...
‘Tension' came maybe halfway through the album writing process and I will never ever forget anything about working on ‘Tension' the album, but specifically ‘Tension' the single. It was in Surrey in the UK, the hottest week of the year there. I was with three of my favourites, Biff (Stannard), Duck (Blackwell) and Jon Green. And in came two other writers for the day, KAMILLE and Anya (Jones) and they came in with this incredible energy. The guys were kind of like, "Oh, fine. We'll just be over here then." Because it was just the three, the two girls and I. They were really pumped to be there and it was such a great opportunity for all of us. And ‘Tension', it's one of those ones that you don't really even know how it happened. We were just vibing and all the whooping and stuff that we've kept on the record was literally us just screaming our heads off and going, "Did you just say that? Did you just say that?" "Yeah, I said it." "Okay.” We were jumping on sofas and I mean, you'd have to get their take on it as well, but I remember it as that. I mean, we were in this pool house, so it was like the wrong place to record anything, we weren't really thinking about recording, just writing and getting the vibe down, but a lot of it stayed on the record.