Kylie Minogue's upcoming album, 'Tension', was recorded in a fancy Airbnb.

The Australian pop icon was opposed to being in a studio to make her follow-up to 2020's 'Disco', so her label rented out a luxury pad in Surrey - complete with its own swimming pool - and all of her co-writers and production personnel moved in, and managed to write 16 songs in five days.

Speaking to Classic Pop magazine, her longtime songwriting partner Biff Stannard said: “Kylie didn't want to be in a studio environment as we both write better in a more relaxed space, so the record company booked an incredible Airbnb for us all.

"It was the hottest week of the year. We were in an amazing place with a swimming pool and everything - it sounds rock'n'roll but we never actually used any of it. We did 16 songs in five days."

Viral lead single 'Padam Padam' was penned on the hottest day in the UK, and they were "boiling" as the only thing it didn't have was air conditioning.

Biff said: "In fact, we wrote the title track on the hottest day in the UK ever!

"I'm sure it was existential and the music was influenced by the heat.

"I think that probably comes across because we felt like we were on holiday."

Co-writer and producer Duck Blackwell added: "That place was amazing.

"It was three barn conversions that had been renovated by a producer.

The only thing it didn't have was air conditioning, so it was boiling! On a whim as I was leaving to drive up there, I'd taken a portable air-conditioning unit and that turned out to be a lifesaver. We were frantically seeking out the coolest areas of the house to record in. There was a corner of the kitchen that was slightly cooler so we'd set up in there for some of the more serious stuff. 'Things We Do For Love' was recorded in the pool house with the French doors open and my air-conditioner on between takes!"

Biff teased that the title track reminds him of Girls Aloud.

He said: "It reminds me of

something Girls Aloud would have done.

"It's oblique and awkward, like two or three different song ideas in one that shouldn't really work together but somehow does."

'Tension' is released on September 22.