Griff spends more time on social media than making music.

The 22-year-old singer - whose real name is Sarah Faith Griffiths - won a BRIT Award for Rising Star in 2021 after releasing hits such as 'Inside Out' and 'Black Hole' but admitted that she now feels "sad" that the majority of her time is spent promoting herself on social media rather than recording songs.

She told "Anytime there’s a camera on my face I don’t feel very comfortable. It’s an amazing platform TikTok, you have a potential to meet loads more people than would ever be in a room at once with you at shows so if you can try and enjoy it, it can be good. It’s very strange, my ratio of job is more social media now than it is about music, which is kind of sad."

The 'Vertigo' hitmaker went on to add that "no one" in the industry seems to know what they are doing when it comes to using platforms such as TikTok for promotion and explained that she is left "frustrated" after seeing everyone worry about an algorithm that is not even clear in how it works in the first place.

She added: "Asked if there is maybe a pressure to use social media for he job, she said: "Not even maybe – absolutely. I’m not really sure record labels know what they’re doing. No one knows what they’re doing. It’s kind of amazing because it’s made music a little bit more democratic. But it also is really frustrating because everyone is revolving around an algorithm that no one knows how it works. There’s definitely a lot of pressure every day to post more, do more, be more of a social person!"