Joel Corry joined Sam Thompson on Hits Radio last night and revealed he has two massive collabs in the works, what we can look forward to on his album 'Another Friday Night', and how he only just made it to Creamfields for his set, after 'losing' his helicopter and being delayed due to bad weather.

After providing fans with years of top tunes, from the Love Island anthem 'Sorry', to 'Head & Heart' with MNEK, we were so pleased to hear that Joel has his debut album coming, and he told Sam all about it. Explaining that it will have some of his classic bangers, as well as some new tunes, he also revealed it has a new song with MNEK, following the success of 'Head & Heart'.

"It feels like everything I've worked for in the last five, six years focused so much on music it's all coming together in this body of work. And the album's going to have like all the bangers that you love from over the years, tracks like 'Head & Heart'," he confirmed.

Joel went on to say: "Me and MNEK have worked together again on another record! We love him, we love him, we love him.

"There are a few more that I can't give away, but yes, very, very exciting. When I was looking back at the tracklist and all the collaborations I've had on that album it's actually... I couldn't believe it."

The DJ, who is in high demand at the moment, with two festival sets in one day, also revealed how he arrived with just five minutes to spare at Creamfields when his helicopter ride didn’t quite go to plan….

Delayed by bad weather, Joel explained: "Yeah, it was honestly one of the best moments of my year so far, because there's a story behind this right.

"(I was at) We Are FSTVL earlier in the day, which is down south and I had to get a helicopter from there to Creamfields. The weather was so bad and we nearly didn't make it in time. I landed at Creamfields, yeah, with five minutes until my set started. It was like something from a movie!"

He continued: "I literally got out of the helicopter, I had my USB in my hand, and I ran up (to) the stage. It was just like BOOM! It turned out to be like one of the best sets I've ever played in my life, so I came away proper buzzing from it, still buzzing from it now."

When it came to mingling back stage with superstar DJs, Joel revealed that he'd seen Tiësto, even telling us that there is a collab in the works! "Tiësto was there," he said. "Me and Tiësto been mates for a while now, we've talked about working on a tune, so watch this space.”