Noel Gallagher is "in no matter what" for an Oasis reunion.

Although the 56-year-old musician has been locked in a long-running feud with his Oasis bandmate and brother Liam Gallagher since the band imploded in 2009, Noel insisted they would both be part of the line-up if the band ever reformed.

NME reports that when asked by an audience member during a Q A at The Rose Theatre in Kingston recently about who should be included in an Oasis reunion line-up, Noel replied: "So me…Liam…Well, it’s a funny thing because we’re all at a certain age now. Hair was a thing in Oasis, so we’ll have to see what everybody’s hair is looking like. I’m in no matter what. This is not f****** going anywhere. I don’t know. Look. Me, Liam and a load of f****** fit birds."

While both Blur and Pulp have recently played comeback shows, Noel has insisted the difference between Oasis and those two bands is that Oasis did split up.

Speaking to NME, he previously said: "Blur never split up, did they? Pulp never split up, they just went and did other things, which is the adult way of doing it. Sadly my f****** band were very far from adult about it. It was a bit more crash and burn."

Noel recently said it's up to his brother to make peace - even calling him a "coward" and insisting he'll never make the call to reunite Oasis.

Speaking on talkSPORT radio, Noel explained: "Well, I put it out there. [Liam] won’t call … I mean, he should call me, because he’s like, he’s forever going on about it. You’d have thought by now, he’d have some kind of plan.

"He doesn’t have to speak to me. He won’t speak to me, he’s a coward. So he should get some of his people, his agent, to call my people and say: ‘Look, this is what we’re thinking.’ And then we’ll have a conversation about it. Until then, he’s being a little bit disingenuous."

However, Liam later responded to Noel's comments in a post on Twitter, ranting: "He’s full of s*** he HATES Oasis fans [but] doesn’t mind them buying his records."