Anne-Marie is the latest artist to take part in Apple Music’s Home Session series. The multi-platinum-selling artist’s exclusive session, which is out today, includes two tracks - a stunning cover of SZA’s chart-topping ‘Kill Bill’ and a stripped back acoustic version of her recent single ‘TRAINWRECK’.

Explaining why she opted to perform ‘TRAINWRECK’ and cover ‘Kill Bill’, Anne-Marie says: “I chose TRAINWRECK from my new album UNHEALTHY because I just love the way it makes me feel so free. It’s for anyone who felt trapped in a relationship and finally got out. A happy ending!! I also chose ‘Kill Bill’ because I love the lyrics and it’s a song I wish I wrote !!"

Reinventing SZA’s ‘Kill Bill’ for the session, Anne-Marie discusses why simplicity was at the forefront of the cover. She explains: “I made it very simple so the lyrics really shine through because I think they are just great and tried to put my English accent in there a bit too lol.”

Explaining why she enjoys putting different spins on her releases, Anne-Marie says: “I always love recording acoustics and different versions of radio edits and studio versions. It’s really fun to do. So yes, I loved it!!”

Looking ahead at what’s to come for the rest of the year, Anne-Marie explains: “After all these intimate album shows and signings I’m mostly looking forward to the Arena tour coming up in November. It’s going to be a really special one and my best tour yet I think!!”