Tim McGraw has had to change his pre-show running ritual due to an injury.

While speaking to ET Canada for a new interview, the Live Like You Were Dying singer revealed that he used to run several miles before getting onstage, however, he now has to walk instead.

"Yeah, walk," Tim replied when asked about his exercise routine. "I can't run anymore because I've broken my foot so many times. I start every day with an hour walk."

Prior to injuring himself, the singer said he "used to run seven or eight miles before every show".

Elsewhere in his interview, Tim named his comfort food as the meals his wife Faith Hill makes.

"Ah, Southern food," he said of his favourite cheat meal. "I mean, my wife's Southern cooking. She'll cook anything, but my cheat meal is usually peas, cornbread, collared greens, pork chops, fries and gravy."

He also listed Coca-Cola cake and the cereal Cocoa Puffs as his preferred treats, saying, "My wife can tell when I get up in the middle of the night because I leave a trail of Cocoa Puffs all over 'cause I overfill my bowl."