The Sherlocks have hailed themselves as the "Tyson Fury of the music industry".

The 'Sorry' band - who are chasing their first UK number one album with 'People Like Me And You' - have compared their struggle to the superstar boxer who also "hard it hard for quite a while" in his own rise to the top.

Frontman Kiaran Crook told the Daily Star newspaper's Wired column: "For so long we weren't backed, we've had to prove ourselves over some time.

"Like Tyson Fury, he had to let his fighting do the talking, and now it feels like everyone loves him all of a sudden.

"I feel like he had it hard for quite a whole and we feel like that too. In many ways we feel like the Tyson Fury of the music industry."

The singer is glad to see the likes of The Reytons and The Snuts topping the chats recently, with "guitar bands getting in those spots" once again.

IT's also refreshing for the Yorkshire-based group - which also includes his brother Brandon, along with bandmates Alex Procter and Trent Jackson - to see so many northern artists getting the spotlight.

Kiaran said: "A lot of the music industry from what I have learnt operates in the south of England, in London, so if you come from Sheffield and you actually want to make a dent in the industry and get noticed then you have to craft.

"It feels like people don't take notice until you can't be ignored, whether that is selling loads of tickets, like us, and all the sudden people's ears prick up and they say, 'Who is this band?' "