Cher has surprised her fans by launching her own gelato brand called Cherlato.

The 77-year-old Hollywood icon has revealed that she will be launching her own gelato brand in her native city, Los Angeles.

The Strong Enough hitmaker took to Instagram and Twitter on Sunday to share a video of a brightly coloured food truck decorated with images of the star posing with an ice cream cone and the word "Cherlato".

"Yep, This Is Real.... I'm Launching My Gelato.... Watch Out LA!!" Cher captioned the video.

The singer added, "All Started 5 Years Ago And Now It's Finally HAPPENING. More to come...."

Cher has received a huge amount of praise from her fans on social media. One Instagram user wrote, "Serving us looks for decade and now she's serving us gelato."

Another fan wrote, "What can't you do."

Cherlato is not the pop star's only business venture. As well as being a hugely successful musician and actress, Cher has been the face of multiple beauty brands and has launched several of her own fashion and perfume lines.

Earlier this month, the Burlesque star, who trended on social media due to her unexpected business venture, also announced that her critically-acclaimed classic album It's A Man's World has been reimagined as a special deluxe limited-edition vinyl box and is now available.