Leigh-Anne Pinnock is a "pop girl at heart".

The 31-year-old singer - who shot to fame as part of Little Mix - has revealed that her debut solo album will be a mixture of different sounds, even though she's had so much success making pop music.

Leigh-Anne told Billboard News: "Everyone knows that I’m an old-school RnB girl.

"At the same time, though, I really do want to incorporate the other genres that I love, so we have some reggae stuff on there. I think I am a pop girl at heart, too, so I just feel like that stamp is always going to be in the mix."

Leigh-Anne is missing the support of her Little Mix bandmates as a solo artist. However, she's also found the experience to be "freeing".

The chart-topping star explained: "I don’t have my sisters to fall back on, so I do really miss the sisterhood.

"[It also] feels so freeing and a sense of empowerment to stand on my own and know I’m doing this for me. It just feels like the right time. It feels so right to me."

The first single off Leigh-Anne's new album is 'Don’t Say Love' and she's described the record as a "banger".

Asked why she decided to release it as the first single, Leigh-Anne replied: "'Don’t Say Love' came in the beginning of the process, always knew it was a banger.

"It kind of became obvious quite quickly that it needed to be the first single, especially with the meaning of it, the idea of wanting to be love wholeheartedly at 100 percent, I think it was really relatable to me, and I just, ‘Yeah, this needs to be the first one.'"