Ronan Keating sang an emotional tribute at his brother's funeral on Thursday.

The Boyzone star attended his older brother Ciaran's funeral at St Patrick's Church in Louisburgh, County Mayo in Ireland on Thursday. He served as one of the pallbearers, carrying his brother's coffin, and performed an emotional musical tribute during the service.

The Irish singer, 46, sang his own song, This Is Your Song, a track he had written 25 years ago after their mother, Marie, passed away in 1998 following a battle with breast cancer.

"This song was written 25 years ago when we lost our mum," Ronan said. "I shouldn't be singing it in these circumstances but we are and we will."

During the service, Ronan said that his niece and nephews had made their dad "very proud".

"As a parent, all you want to do is raise your children as best you can, Ciaran and Anne Marie have done a spectacular job," he shared.

"Three incredible human beings. Your strength over the last few days has been so incredible, and you've made your dad very proud."

Ciaran, who was a car salesman in his 50s, was killed in a two-vehicle collision on Saturday as he was travelling with his wife Ann Marie to watch his son Ruairí play soccer.

Ann Marie suffered non-life-threatening injuries in the accident.

Ciaran is survived by his three children, Conall, Ruairi, and Aisling, as well as his four grandchildren.