Taylor Lautner has revealed he was “surprised” when asked to be a part of Taylor Swift’s latest music video.

During Wednesday’s episode of his and his wife Taylor (Tay) Lautner’s podcast, The Squeeze, the Twilight star revealed his reaction to being asked by the Cruel Summer singer to appear in her latest music video for her song I Can See You (Taylor's Version).

“I was honoured. I was surprised. It definitely came as a big surprise, and I was absolutely honoured,” the 31-year-old said.

The actor continued, “I’m not going to go into too many of the details of our personal conversation, but I knew the moment she asked me to be a part of it that it was a yes…everything she does turns to gold. She’s that talented.”

Taylor added that he knew that whatever project the All Too Well hitmaker had in mind, it would be “something special”.

The Abduction actor starred in the five-minute-long action-packed music video alongside fellow actors Joey King and Presley Cash.

Elsewhere in the episode, the star shared that he had not been "worried" about introducing his ex-girlfriend, Taylor, to his now-wife, Tay.

“It was great! I mean, I know on paper, it sounds like a tough situation, but I not once was ever worried about it. We’re just confident in our relationship. Tay (Lautner) is the coolest, chillest person ever."

He added, "Blonde Girl Tay (Swift) is the sweetest human being on Earth, so it was kind of the perfect situation."

Taylor was romantically linked to the pop star in 2009 and even inspired her 2010 hit Back To December.