Damon Albarn is convinced Oasis are on the verge of a huge comeback with reunion shows and a new album.

The Blur frontman has previously joked he's "put money" on his former Brit pop rivals getting back together and now he's insisted the "road is clear" for warring siblings Liam and Noel Gallagher to put their bad blood behind them and bring the band back for a massive money-spinning venture.

Damon told Consequence: "Well, of course they were gonna [reunite]. The road is clear for them to do that now. I think that’s great. You know what I mean? Obviously I expect an excellent new record to accompany it."

It comes after Damon previously told The Sun newspaper: "I can guarantee they’re going to reform. In fact, I’ve put money on it."

While Damon and his Blur bandmates have reunited every few years and have been back on tour over the summer, Oasis imploded in 2009 amid a bitter fall out between the Gallagher brothers. After splitting the band, the pair's feud has continued with the brothers still sniping at each other publicly.

Liam has hinted declared he's in favour of getting the band back on the road and blamed Noel for refusing. However, Noel recently insisted it's up to his brother to make peace - even calling him a "coward" and insisting he'll never make the call to reunite Oasis.

Speaking on talkSport radio, Noel explained: "Well, I put it out there. [Liam] won’t call … I mean, he should call me, because he’s like, he’s forever going on about it. You’d have thought by now, he’d have some kind of plan.

"He doesn’t have to speak to me. He won’t speak to me, he’s a coward. So he should get some of his people, his agent, to call my people and say: ‘Look, this is what we’re thinking.’ And then we’ll have a conversation about it. Until then, he’s being a little bit disingenuous."

Liam later responded to Noel's comments in a post on Twitter, ranting: "He’s full of s*** he HATES Oasis fans [but] doesn’t mind them buying his records."