Liam Payne has been diagnosed with "a couple of conditions".

The former One Direction singer made the revelation as he opened up about his mental health in a candid video on his Instagram Stories on Thursday.

"I know in my last video I mentioned I'd been diagnosed with a couple of conditions," he began. "Not to go too much into detail but one of them I have (is), basically there's a lot of manic things in my life, which you guys saw. But the other side of it and that kind of feels like when I would lose my sobriety would be in these moments that were super low and I kind of felt like that today. And it's isolating the two things and seeing them separately and like I know what they are now and can identify them."

Liam praised his support network for looking after him and added, "I am sure they can see it in me too that I'm not really here."

The Strip That Down singer recently shared that he's nearly six months sober after spending around 100 days in a rehab facility in America.

In the captions, Liam revealed that he had filmed the same video "at different points this year" but he got too scared to post it. However, he decided to do so on Thursday to help others who may also be struggling with their mental health.

"I wanna give any of you struggling the gift I was given by sharing some of the things I learned from specialists whilst I was away," he wrote. "First thing I did everyday was check in and it's important you don't bottle up how you feel. Feeling is one of the amazing gifts we have and I blocked things up so long it made me sick and lash out... notice it, allow it to happen... let it pass through."