Shania Twain has been styling her tour looks herself and "repurposing and reimagining" items from her closet.

The 'Man! I Feel Like a Woman!' hitmaker has chosen a sustainable option for her costumes and only wears one ensemble per night on her 'Queen of Me' tour.

Speaking to Indianapolis' IndyStar, she said: "I decided that instead of doing quick changes in a show, I'll just change every night. So every show, the fans get a different look. It's been a lot of fun, and it keeps it all fresh for me.

I'm enjoying basically pulling things out of my closet that I've had for years. Some of it is vintage haute couture, some of it is just from boxes of fabrics that I've had in storage. I'm repurposing and reimagining a variety of these things on my own."

The 'Up!' singer also spoke about how "surreal" it is to pass on her words of wisdom to artists like Harry Styles and Taylor Swift, who were only young when they discovered her music.

She said: "The beauty of having longevity is that you get to experience from their own words what influence I may have had on them and still do. I have relationships with a lot of these artists. So, it's surreal for everything to go full circle within my career, and I'm enjoying it very much.

"It's just a really great feeling to be able share what I've been going through in my career all of these years, and what they're now going through themselves. When they discovered me, they were little kids. Now, I'm talking to adults. It's really funny."