Drake amazed fans on the first night of his tour by performing with a hologram of his younger self.

The rapper opened his 'It's All a Blur' tour with 21 Savage at the United Center in Chicago, Illinois on Wednesday (05.07.23) and delighted the audience with a set of more than 40 songs including 'Started from the Bottom', Sicko Mode' and 'Way 2 Sexy' but it was a moment during his performance of 'Take Care' that left fans gasping in shock - as he sat on a sofa with a hologram of his younger self.

The hologram - wearing a Chicago Cubs' jersey - was seen nodding along to the beat before turning to the real Drake and handing him a book, which the rapper then opened and flipped through.

The stunt left many audience members in disbelief with some failing to register it was actually a hologram sitting next to the star. One wrote in a post on Twitter: "Everyone saying Drake performed with a hologram got me tweaked out ... If it was, I’m lowkey shocked because I looked at that boy with my own eyes and thought he was real."

Others remained convinced the hologram was so real it must have been a real person who just looked like a younger version of the chart star. Another asked: "Is it actually a hologram or just a person who looks like Drake?"

During the show, the star also used the technology to pay tribute to late Chicago fashion designer Virgil Abloh - who died in November 2021

- by projecting his image onto the stage.

The tour - which Drake is co-headlining with 21 Savage - is set to play across the US and Canada before winding up in Columbus, Ohio on October 9.