Missy Elliott believes the key to longevity in music is being genuine.

During an interview with Essence, the iconic rapper divulged the secret to being consistently successful in the music business.

"Be yourself," the 51-year-old simply said.

Missy, real name Melissa Arnette Elliott, noted that as a child, her grandmother, who has since passed, stressed the importance of being humble, no matter your successes.

"I'll always tell people that relationships, especially in this business, are more important than a check," the Get Ur Freak On rapper told the publication.

"As long as you have great relationships, you will always get a check, because people won't mind helping you when you are down and out. I want people to know me for good music, but just being a good person, that is important."

Elsewhere in the interview, the Grammy winner revealed that she is currently working on new music, though she shared few details.

"I got some new stuff in the works," Missy said, teasing that it would be "fun" and "upbeat".

The artist added that she will not be sharing the release date for her upcoming music, saying, "I never tell dates... 'Cause when I tell you dates, it will get you in trouble with them fans."

Missy's last album, The Cookbook, was released in 2005, however, she dropped an EP titled Iconology in 2019.