Harry Styles wants to record a song with Scouting for Girls’ Roy Stride.

The ‘She’s So Lovely’ hitmaker used to pen tracks for the ‘Watermelon Sugar’ singer’s old band One Direction, and while he didn’t think the pop superstar would remember him when their paths crossed recently, he was delighted when Harry suggested they work together again.

Roy told Heat magazine: “[I used to hang out with] bands like One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer, because I worked with them to write some songs for their albums.

“People would be pleased to know that they were always absolute joys.

“I actually bumped into Harry Styles in LA in a restaurant a couple of years ago.

"I assumed he wouldn’t remember me, so I didn’t go over, but he actually came up to me and said we should get back in the studio together.”

At the height of his own band’s chart success, Roy didn’t think they “deserved” it.

He said: “I used to think about how little we deserved all the success that we were having.

“There’s so much luck involved in making it in the music industry and it’s not always fair.”

But now, the singer believes social media has made it much easier for any aspiring musician to have a platform.

He said: “Now I would tell my younger self anybody can make music.

“Yes I have a nice shiny studio now, but I could do all this with a laptop.

“Social media has made music more accessible for everyone and therefore better – so you’ve got to work really hard to create really good music.”