In an exclusive for Hits Radio UK this morning McFly revealed that their new album very nearly had another name...

Speaking to hosts Fleur East, James Barr and producer Matt, Dougie Poynter shared the reason behind the name of their latest album: ‘We called the album Powers of Play because we wanted a ridiculous big 80s summer rock kind of title and it was between that and Treble in Paradise...’ At this point Fleur and James made it clear that they thought Treble in Paradise was a winner leading drummer Harry Judd to say ‘Tom I told you....’

When James Barr suggested that they might want to call the deluxe version of the album ‘Powers of Play: Treble in Paradise’ Tom told him, ‘It’s too late for that we needed to have this meeting two months ago. What we need is you in our band - do you want to replace Harry?’

Harry then revealed that Hits had that alternative name as an exclusive when he said: ‘This is the first time in an interview that we’ve talked about this so I can guarantee our fans are going to be on to that and they’re all going to be discussing it!

The group then went on to talk about their children and Harry and Tom shared that they thought they both might need to have a word with their wives about a spooky coincidence connecting their sons:

Tom said: ‘Harry’s kid is really obsessed with playing guitar, my kid is into cricket and I know nothing about cricket so we have to exchange advice...’

And Harry replied: ‘And I love cricket so that’s why it’s quite weird. And his son looks a bit like me as well… We’re waiting for the right time to have a conversation with our wives about what happened.’