DJ Khaled is recovering from an injury he sustained in a surfing accident.

Over the weekend, the All I Do Is Win hitmaker posted video footage showing him attempting to stand up on his electric foil surfboard before flying into the air and crashing onto part of the board and the water. He later explained that he was in "so much pain" after hitting the board with his ribs.

The music producer, whose real name is Khaled Mohammed Khaled, subsequently posted another video showing him getting an X-ray to assess the injury.

"I'm just hoping it just a bruised muscle or just a bruise," he said. "I just want to make sure the bone ain't broken because I've been up 48 hours and I haven't slept. This morning I tried to explain to... that the pain's high-level."

Despite his injury, the I'm the One producer continued to play golf, a fixture in his daily routine, and he explained that he was simply pushing through the pain.

"The doctor said I got a big, real bad bruise," Khaled, 47, explained to viewers. "They said on the bone they've seen a little line on one of the bones, they're not sure if it's a fracture, so I'm gonna double-check.

"I have to play golf for a lot of reasons, for my mind, my peace, and I'm in pain, I can't even lie to y'all. But I feel like I'm supposed to fight through this pain, I'm gonna smoothen out my swing."