McFly's new album ‘Power to Play’ was inspired by Van Halen.

The ‘Where Did All The Guitars Go’ four piece - which consists of Tom Fletcher, 37, Danny Jones, 37, Harry Judd, 37, and Dougie Poynter, 35 - wanted to make their eighth studio album sound their favourite classic rock bands like the ‘Jump’ rockers along with AC/DC and others.

Dougie exclusively told BANG Showbiz: “Van Halen, I think yeah, I think that's that's my ultimate is Van Halen.”

He continued: “The front end of the album is more is actually more 70s AC/DC, and we were dissecting a lot of music like that and like how they recorded it and guitar tones and stuff.

“Then it evolved and then it got more and more pink in colour and turned a lot more 80s.”

Harry - who joined his bandmate for the chat - also cited KISS and Journey a huge influence to him.

He added: “Yeah, sort of like KISS and Journey and all that kind of stuff.”

Dougie revealed that Tom penned the album’s lead single as he drove to a recording session using his “steering wheel” after not hearing any guitar music on the radio.

He said: “Tom wrote that song and like, on his way into the studio, so it was quite literally he turned on the radio in his car and couldn't find any guitar music. And he just thought to himself, ‘Where did all the guitars go?’ And started writing their song on his steering wheel.”

The ‘Five Colours in Her Hair’ rockers - who will mark 20 years since their debut single was released next year - admitted they were pumped to see Guns n Roses will be headlining Glastonbury’s Pyramid Stage later this month.

Harry said: “Guns and Roses best songs essentially like you know, they're pop songs but with amazing guitar and drums and amazing guitarist, epic riffs. And solos and stuff and so, yeah, like ideally, but who doesn't want to hear ‘Sweet child O Mine’? Is that one of the greatest rock songs, you know?”

'Power to Play' is out now.