Dua Lipa was "really persistent" about breaking into the music industry as a teenager.

Having moved between her parents' native Kosovo and the U.K. as a child, the Levitating singer eventually settled in London at the age of 15 to finish her studies and then pursue a career in music.

During an onstage interview at the literary event, Hay Festival, on Sunday, the 27-year-old spoke candidly about how her determination and persistence brought her success.

"I was quite determined," Dua said, reports BBC News. "I didn't feel I had the same opportunities in music as I had in London. I was driven. My dad says I'm very hard to say no to!"

Dua continued, "I was really persistent. I just started writing a lot, worked with a producer. I was 17. I was offered a publishing deal but (producer) Felix told me to go to a lawyer, who said, 'Don't sign that deal!' They then helped me get into the studio."

Elsewhere in the live conversation, the Grammy winner also reflected on the "duality" of her heritage.

"There was always the idea of being from two places at once," she explained. "I understood the duality of my heritage from an early age. People would always ask where my name is from.

"I was really proud of it, but when I was younger I wished my name was, say, Hannah - something 'normal' and English."