Takeoff's mother is suing the owners of the bowling alley where her son was killed in November 2022.

The Migos rapper, real name Kirsnick Khari Ball, died at the age of 28 on 1 November after he was shot outside 810 Billiards & Bowling in Houston, Texas following a private party.

In a lawsuit filed on Wednesday, his mother, Titania Davenport, alleged the owners of the venue failed to provide proper security on the night of her son's death despite knowing the premises had been rented by "a well-known music personality" and the party would be attended by celebrities.

"Despite these facts, Defendants provided no screening mechanisms, no after-hour controls or security measures, and no enforcement of rules or industry standards to deter crime against their invitees, to include (Takeoff)," the lawsuit alleges, reports Rolling Stone.

Davenport's lawsuit lists 18 instances of alleged negligence, including failing to protect high-profile guests from the "risks of violent crime".

"Defendants knew or should have known that a significant number of violent crimes were committed at the subject premises and in the surrounding area, but negligently failed to protect invitees like (Takeoff) from the risks of violent crime," the legal action claims.

"Specifically, Defendants knew that based on the nature of the party, celebrities would more likely than not be in attendance and potentially be the targets of crime. Defendants negligently represented proper security would be in place, when in fact none was; this caused many people to come to the event without concern."

Davenport is seeking unspecified damages for the wrongful death of her son as well as pain and suffering, mental anguish, and "loss of earning capacity".

Patrick Xavier Clark was indicted for murder over Takeoff's death last month.