McFly have always wanted to make a rock album.

The boy band - which consists of Tom Fletcher, Danny Jones, Harry Judd, and Dougie Poynter - released a string of chart-topping pop albums in the mid to late 2000s but are now back on the music scene with 'Power to Play' and now Tom has explained that even though the record might not be as "commercial" as their others, it is the way they they themselves see the band.

He told The Daily Star's Wired column: "The common thing we all felt was, ‘We all want to make a guitar album, and none of us had vocalised that. Originally we weren't writing like that, we were writing on the piano, and all the tools that arc there for you, But actually if you take it back to basics and you pick up a guitar and you write a riff then you write a melody to that, you write different songs.”

These might not be the songs that get played on commercial radio or get big Spotify streams, but it was clear that this is the way that we see McFly. "

The 'Five Colours in Her Hair' hitmaker went on to cite some of their most successful singles from over the years and explained that even when they play them live these days, they take on a "new life" for themselves and the new album is a reflection of that.

He added: "Even when you look at our most poppy songs. Take 'Obviously', All About You', 'Star Girl', and 'Shine A Light', they sound the way they sound. But when we play them live, they take on a new life. And that new life people see live where they go, ‘Oh it sounds a bit different. Well that is actually the way that we see McFly - and for us we wanted to make an album that reflects that."

'Power to Play' is out on Friday 9 June.