Haim recalled record executives doubting their ability to make it as rock stars.

The Haim sisters, Alana, 31, Danielle, 37, and Este, 37, recently sat down with Elle UK for a cover story interview, where they opened up about being doubted by record executives.

“No one wanted to sign us," youngest sister Alana remembered. “The amount of people who were like ‘You’re never going to make it. Give up!’”

"People would say to us, ‘You’ll never get a record deal. A girl rock band, unfortunately, is not something you see,’” Danielle added. “People used to say that s**t all the time. But we had such a crazy focus, plus we’re sisters – we’re like a wolf pack.”

The Summer Girl singers formed their band in 2007, after being in a family covers band called Rockinhaim, with their parents Moti and Donna. Since then, they have earned several awards, including a Brit Award and an NME Award.

Danielle added that they have done “so many things” in their career, “despite” criticism and doubt from people in the industry. “Being told you’ll never sell out a venue, then you do. You’ll never headline a festival, then we do. It fuels the fire.”

The sisters confessed that being an all-girl rock band is still a struggle to this day, telling Elle they fired their agent after learning that he also represented a male act who was being paid 10 times more than them to perform at the same festival.

“I think I can comfortably say that will never happen again,” Alana stated.