Jake Shears has written a "really queer" and "very sweet" new musical.

The former Scissor Sisters frontman - who worked with Sir Elton John on acclaimed show 'Tammy Faye' - is dipping his toes back into the world of musical theatre with another West End production which is in its final stages.

He told the Daily Star newspaper's Wired column: "Musicals are so... they're intense beasts to create. But I do have another musical up my sleeve.

"It's going to go into its final reading at the end of July... It's really queer, fun and very sweet."

Fans have already had a taste of the musical, as Jake revealed one track actually features on his new album 'Last Man Dancing'.

He added: "One of the songs on the album, 'Really Big Deal', I had actually written, it was the last song we wrote for the musical, and I loved it so much that I was like, I have to put this on my record."

Although 'Tammy Faye' wrapped up in December 2022, the 'Take Your Mama' hitmaker suggested there are still some big plans afoot.

He teased: "I think 'Tammy Faye' is going to go on to have a good life, hopefully, knock on wood.

"It's going to go in its next iteration. I can't really say any details. We got a couple of Oliviers for it."

Meanwhile, the 44-year-old musician is delighted with how well received his new album is, and it feels like a decade of hard work is finally paying off.

He said: "People seem to genuinely love it. The shows have just been really special.

"It feels like I've worked the last decade to get back to this spot that I'm in right now. It's gratifying.

"Solo stuff, it really is like starting all over again. It's not really been super-glamorous all the time."