Tom Speight grew more confident after being praised by Sir Paul McCartney.

The Beatles legend was among the first to hear the ‘Let Go’ hitmaker’s tracks from his debut album, ‘Collide’ during a songwriting workshop at the Liverpool Institute for the Performing Arts, and after his idol urged Tom not to tinker with his tunes, the ‘Waiting’ singer admitted it gave him a boost in believing in himself.

Paul told Tom: “I wouldn't change a thing.”

Tom – who is preparing for the release of his third album, ‘Love + Light’ – exclusively told BANG Showbiz: “Like all musicians I’ve had a bit of a wobble but getting that encouragement from Paul has always stayed with me and helped me to keep focused on forging my own path.”

Meanwhile, Tom enlisted the services of his fans to star in the video for ‘Let Go’ because he loves how music can bring people together.

He said: “Every single fan in the video I’ve met via my music… We’ve played the following cities; Amsterdam, Paris, Hamburg, Sao Paolo, Rio, LA, New York, Mexico…

“Some of the fans have been with me for nearly 10 years. A lot of the fans have shared stories of how my music has soundtracked their life in some way from proposal (Ewan and Caitlin), discovering they’ve beaten cancer and heard my song on the radio at the same time (Ellie), reuniting with school friends after meeting again at my gigs (Ellie and Karen).

“It’s amazing music can bring so many people together.”

Tom Speight’s new album 'Love + Light’ is released August 11 and available to pre-order now at