Robbie Williams has written a new song about the nasty comments he reads about himself.

The 'Let Me Entertain You' hitmaker is currently working on his 15th album and he admitted one track in particular focuses on the mental health impact of cruel comments made by strangers online.

As quoted by the Daily Star newspaper's Wired column, he said: "I have a song called 'Comments Section'.

"I don't read the comments anymore. It took me a while to wean off them, but I'm out.

"Occasionally I get stung. I just get reminded every now and again that it's a place that I shouldn't go and visit."

The 49-year-old singer can still remember things people wrote about him earlier in his career, and he struggled to see his own lack of self confidence mirrored in other people's words.

He explained: "I was just sinking lower and lower and lower, so I read these things about me that confirmed to me that I'm an awful person.

"Somebody that feels as though they're an awful person anyway - it was there in black and white".

He even turned to the comments sections of two famous friends with the logic that "if they're hated then it's just people being awful".

He added: "Second comment in, 'I hate these two, almost as much as I hate that fat t*** Robbie Williams.'

"I couldn't get away from my comments in somebody else's comments section."

Meanwhile, Robbie admitted he is "ultra-competitive" and hopes for his own self esteem that his new album can top the charts to "stave of" his lack of confidence.

On what a number one would mean, he said: "'Thank God I don't have to hate myself today. Thank God that they've not deserted me, left me, because without them who am I?' "