Noel Gallagher thinks his younger self would have “knifed him in the b*******” over his decision to collaborate with Damon Albarn.

The 55-year-old rocker teamed up with his old chart rival when the Blur frontman asked him to sing backing vocals on his other group Gorillaz’ ‘We Got the Power’ in 2017, and he thinks at his worst, his teenage self would have been decidedly unimpressed.

He told Big Issue magazine:” What would my younger self think of me working with Damon Albarn?

“It would depend entirely on what side of the bed I got out of on that day.

“If you caught me on a good day I’d be like, yeah, I could see that happening.

“On a bad day, I’d f****** knife myself in the b*******.”

The former Oasis songwriter added he’d love to go back in time to when he met David Bowie because he has “no recollections whatsoever” of what happened.

He said: “I went to see David Bowie and Morrissey at Wembley Arena in the 90s. I was high and p*****.

“Then, before Bowie came on, somebody came up to me and said, would you like to come and meet David?

“I was taken to see David Bowie in his dressing room. And I have no recollection of it whatsoever.

“I remember walking in and he was putting on make-up in a mirror and that’s it.

He’s up there with John Lennon for me and I have no idea what we said when I met him.

“If I could go back I would appreciate it so much more. I’d tell him what he meant to me growing up and how much he means to me now, and I’d tell him, ‘I’m gonna rip you off to f*** when you’re dead you know.”

Noel would also love to relive his 50th birthday party because it marked the end of an “amazing” decade.

He said: “It was amazing. It was a three-day affair, so obviously my recollections are a bit hazy on it.

“But I’d love to relive that weekend.

“My 40s were the best decade of my life, they were incredible, amazing.

“But every day since I’ve turned 50 has been a f****** ballache. Literally every f****** day for the last five years has been a pain in the b*******.

“But my 50th birthday party was one of the most insane parties ever.”