Lana Del Rey has officially released her leaked track, ‘Say Yes To Heaven’.

The standalone single follows the pop star's acclaimed ninth studio album, 'Did You Know That There’s A Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd'.

The song was penned with Rick Nowels way back in 2012, and fell victim to a leak that saw the tune go viral on TikTok.

On the same day (19.05.23), the 37-year-old singer-songwriter's father shared his latest track, 'Deep Ocean Swells'.

He said of the track: "I recorded 'Deep Ocean Swells' at the Conway Studios on a beautiful Steinway grand. The piano was able to capture the deep bass notes that rise and fall like the heartbeat of the ocean. If you listen with your eyes closed, you can feel the ocean lifting you up and then rhythmically falling as you are carried away into a dream by the deep swells. Luke Howard added his own magic and beautiful textures to this composition with the Budapest Art Orchestra.”

It's the latest to be taken from his upcoming debut studio album, 'Lost At Sea', which is out on June 9.

Lana previously quipped that her dad's foray into music will either be the "beginning of something beautiful or take us all down."

The 'Video Games' hitmaker - who added her vocals to the album's title track and the closing song 'Hollywood Bowl' - commented on Instagram: “This is either gonna be the beginning of something beautiful or take us all down… May the force be w all of us. I mean let’s get real – he’s always been the star.”

Lana - whose mother is Patricia Grant - also lent her dad her superstar producer Jack Antonoff for the project.

The 69-year-old copywriter - who is signed to Decca Records - became a musician by accident.

A press release noted: “He can’t read sheet music. But when he sits down at a piano, notes flow from him. Melodies come unbidden.

“He can play for hours. Emotion overwhelms thought, and outpours composition after composition.”

The announcement also prompted pop star Kesha's mom, songwriter Pebe Sebert, to ask if Rob's single.

She re-shared Pop Crave's article about the album news and tweeted: "Is he single?"