F1 ace Sir Lewis Hamilton takes a mini music studio on tour with him, according to McFly's Danny Jones.

The 'Where Did All the Guitars Go?' band will be headlining Silverstone Festival in August, and the vocalist-and-guitarist has said that most musicians want to be racing car drivers, and a lot of Formula One stars want to be in music.

Danny - who has just completed a Silverstone Drive experience in a McLaren 620R - said of Silverstone Festival: “I am just super excited to be performing at Silverstone Festival this year.

“It’s going to be our first time. We don’t know what to expect but we’ve heard it’s incredible and the crowds are amazing. We all love motorsport as a band so to be performing here feels like a proper milestone."

When he's not on the racetrack, Lewis, 38, loves to make music and is said to have had sessions with Drake and Frank Ocean under his belt.

Danny continued: “I think music and sport marry really well. Everyone I meet in the world of music wants to be a racing car driver and every racing car driver wants to be a musician. I know Lewis Hamilton does - he has a little bit of a studio set up when he goes on tour. I’ve seen!"

The 'Obviously' hitmaker says he is even tempted to copy his idol, the late Eddie Van Halen, and recreate the sound of a V8 engine on a song.

He added: “In these sports cars you can’t hear any music. You can only hear the engine, but that is music! The sound of a V8 is music. Why don’t we put that in one of our songs!"

"We love Van Halen at the minute and he makes a good V8 sound with his guitar. That’s the perfect marriage - if you can make a V8 sound on your guitar you are winning! I’ll have to try my best to recreate it when we play here.”

Silverstone Festival takes place at the Silverstone Circuit in Northamptonshire between August 25 to 27.