The Lottery Winners "hate" their name.

The 'Let Me Down' hitmakers - which include Thom Rylance, Robert Lally, Katie Lloyd, and Joe Singleton - wish they had chosen a different moniker because not only are they hard to find in online searches, they grow tired of cheesy puns being made when they're talked about.

Thom told the Daily Star Sunday newspaper's Wired column: "I hate our band name.

"It's well too late to change it but I really wanted to call the band The Ugly People.

"We've been Lottery Winners for 15 years and I don't think I have ever read an article that doesn't say, 'Oh they hit the jackpot with their new single.'

"So I challenge you not to use any lottery puns!"

But the group had considered promoting their new album, 'Anxiety Replacement Therapy', with scratch cards as a play on their name.

However, Thom said: "It's something we thought about, and I wanted to do it for this album actually but I was told that it's a bad idea."

After years of working together, the group are thrilled to have finally landed a number one album, though are finding their newfound fame hard to deal with.

Thom said: "When you are a creative, you have to deal with years and years of rejection.

"So, when all of a sudden it flips and there is more acceptance and people are praising you, it's hard to get used to that and flip the balance.

"It has been really hard to deal with it, I keep crying on stage and nobody wants that.

"Nobody is paying for tickets to see a fat man cry, and I am so sorry it keeps happening. I hope I get cool now."