Shakin' Stevens would love the "honour" of playing Glastonbury again.

The 75-year-old British pop legend previously stepped foot onto the Pyramid Stage when he was Saturday's opening act at the world famous music festival back in June 2008.

Shaky would have no hesitation in saying yes to a slot on the bill once again if he were to get a call from organisers Michael Eavis and his daughter Emily.

When asked if he was keen on a return to Worthy Farm, he said: "I'd have to wait and see. If it was offered I wouldn't turn it down, it's an honour.

"I've done it once and thoroughly enjoyed it and if they wanted me there of course I would go there."

The 'This Ole House' hitmaker can vividly remember performing to a packed field 15 years ago and he was "chuffed to pieces" to be told by Michael, 87, that he attracted the biggest crowd for an opening act to date.

Speaking to BANG Showbiz, he added: "I kicked the show off and when I came off stage Michael Eavis said to me, 'You know that's the biggest crowd we've had opening up on this stage.' I was chuffed to pieces. To do that, it's a great thing to have done."

Shaky is back with new album 'Re-Set', his first LP for six years.

And the 'Merry Christmas Everyone' singer has been amazed by the response to the record and his single 'All You Need Is Greed', which was praised on social media by Sleaford Mods for its political lyrics.

Shaky said: "I never expect anything, I just wait and see what happens, but the way people have talked about that track and the album, it's been really, really good. It's a reflection of our lives and the way we live. It's not working.

"I'm very happy with the album, it's been a while! We had COVID and I stopped working. Then I thought let's get back in the studio and do another album.

'Re-Set' is also inspired by his family and the past and these themes are woven into a narrative about our collective place in the modern world.

Shaky's mother takes centre stage in the song 'May' as he looks back at how she raised 13 children while holding down a job at the same time.

The idea of old times revisiting is strong on 'Beyond The Illusion' – a track inspired by Shaky's 18th and 19th century ancestors who worked in the Cornish copper mines.

'Re-Set' is available to stream and buy now.