Fred Again.. and Brian Eno are releasing the album 'Secret Life' on Friday (05.03.23).

After the former dance-pop hitmaker and electronic musician Four Tet helped step in for Frank Ocean during his second headline set at Coachella last month, genre-hopping Fred and ambient legend Eno have a joint project coming out on Tet's Text Records.

Tet - whose real name is Kieran Hebden - tweeted: “The album Secret Life by Fred again and Brian Eno is coming out on my label Text Records on Friday."

He then teased: "it is the most beautiful album of 2023 (sic)"

Fans can also check out the radio station, where Fred and Tet will be previewing songs from the LP at 10pm BST daily, up until the day of release.

Fred Again.., Skrillex and Four Tet performed after Blink-182 in the place of Frank at the California festival in April.

Fred teased his performance on Instagram with two cryptic posts on his Story.

In one, he wrote: “okay I can’t believe I’m saying this again, but does anyone know where Sonny [Skrillex] is?(sic)

Fred also released ‘Baby Again’ with Skrillex and Four Tet earlier this year.

As for Eno, his last album was October's ‘FOREVERANDEVERNOMORE’.

The record was inspired by his thoughts regarding the "precarious" nature of the future regarding climate change.

He said in a statement: "Like everybody else - except, apparently, most of the governments of the world - I’ve been thinking about our narrowing, precarious future, and this music grew out of those thoughts. Perhaps it’s more accurate to say I’ve been feeling about it…and the music grew out of the feelings. Those of us who share those feelings are aware that the world is changing at a super-rapid rate, and that large parts of it are disappearing forever…hence the album title."