Bebe Rexha was thrilled to finally collaborate with Dolly Parton after the superstar singer previously declined her request.

Dolly previously refused to work on one of Bebe's songs about "heaven and hell" but she was happy to later collaborate on the song 'Seasons'.

Bebe explained to Variety: "She wrote me a thoughtful, handwritten note once just to say she was grateful for the request but the song I had submitted was about heaven and hell, and well, she didn’t have any interest in singing about hell that way.

"I understood completely, and the gesture was so thoughtful. I knew one day there would be a perfect song for us to share and ‘Seasons’ was it. She sent me her verse and her harmonies, and we got to film this really fun video together.

"I was in the studio, and we recorded the guitar and my vocals at the same time and didn’t edit much — just sang through a straight take. Then Dolly added her vocals and the result was just perfect.”

And Bebe, 33, jumped at the chance to film a music video with 77-year-old icon Dolly.

She explained: "“Dolly is so funny — one of the funniest people I’ve met. I was in awe of her, wowed by her six-inch heels. I just [have] such strong admiration for her, not just as an artist, but as a songwriter. I started my career as a songwriter and would look up to Dolly because she’s able to write songs for other people, while also having success for herself.”