Kesha has revealed that she has called her her private engagement.

While speaking to Rolling Stone for an interview published on Tuesday, the Tik Tok singer revealed she previously became secretly engaged to a man she would not name, and has since called off the engagement.

The singer insisted she and the mystery man were staying friends despite the end of their romantic arrangement.

The song Too Far Gone on her upcoming album Gag Order was written after dissolving the engagement, Kesha shared. The album and accompanying song has been set for release on 19 May.

Elsewhere in the interview, Kesha discussed her process of writing the album in general.

“I feel like I’m giving birth to the most intimate thing I’ve ever created,” she shared. “I really dug into some of my uglier emotions and sides of myself that are less fun. It’s scary being vulnerable.”

She continued, “The fact that I have compiled an entire record of these emotions, of anger, of insecurity, of anxiety, of grief, of pain, of regret, all of that is so nerve-racking - but it’s also so healing.”