Katy Perry fans are desperate for her to perform "the Just Eat song" at King Charles' Coronation Concert.

The 38-year-old singer will be one of the performers at the musical extravaganza at Windsor Castle in 7 May and while audiences can no doubt look forward to hearing a selection of her greatest hits such as 'California Gurls' or 'Teenage Dream', a number of her online supporters are campaigning for her setlist to include 'Did Somebody Say' from the food delivery company's adverts.

One fan wrote on Twitter: "How am I just finding out that Katy Perry is to perform at the coronation? I hope she sings her Just Eat song.”

Another wrote: "’If the most searched thing on google about Katy Perry isn’t “is Katy Perry going to sing the Just Eat song at the coronation?” Then I am afraid we are beyond saving as a nation.’(sic)"

And a third person posted: “Really hope she does ‘Just Eat’. It’s one of my faves.’ "

The song has been used over 70 million times on TikTok and fans previously created a petition for 'Did Somebody Say' to be made available on streaming platforms.

One fan noted: ‘’It actually makes sense that Katy Perry is performing at the King’s Coronation because her Just Eat advert and song has had more cultural impact than the entire royal family combined.’’

Just Eat bosses are thrilled the song has stuck in the minds of the nation.

Victoria Gold, UK and Ireland Marketing Director said: “We’re so delighted that fans love ‘Did Somebody Say’ as much as we do; it’s a no brainer to want to sing along to a joyous banger as the nation celebrates the coronation.

“While we have no say on the setlist, Just Eat can guarantee the nation's food cravings will be answered. Whether that's a 'margherita with extra cheese on it' or “curry in a hurry”, fans can enjoy a delicious meal all the while watching Katy Perry put on a royally good show."

Last month, Snoop Dogg - who has also fronted Just Eat commercials - played his version of the catchy jingle during a gig at London's O2.