Hank Marvin twice forgot how to play the Shadows' 'Atlantis' while playing the classic at a gig.

The band's guitarist, now 81, had a mind block while performing the popular 1963 instrumental, and had to re-start the track two times, however, luckily, the audience thought he was playing a prank on them.

Asked if he's ever embarrassed himself on stage, he told Guitar World magazine: "There've been a few of those! One that stands out was this one time when we [the Shadows] were playing 'Atlantis' and I went totally blank halfway through the first verse and didn't know what to play next! I just had no idea. It was a strange experience, as I didn't know where to put my fingers or what the tune was. I had to stop and start again, and the same thing happened again the second time around, and by this time the audience thought it was a gag, so they were all laughing hysterically. Thankfully on the third time around, it all came back to me, and I played it without any problem."

In 2020, Hank admitted he doesn't believe the Shadows will ever reform.

The iconic musician - who performed as part of the instrumental rock legends alongside Bruce Welch on and off from 1958 until 2015 - suggested the band's time has passed.

He told Uncut magazine: "It will take a miracle! When we did that last big tour with [Cliff Hall], it was such a lovely experience.

"We thought, the only time we'll ever do this again is possibly for a big charity thing.

"But it was 10 years ago, and as you get older it gets harder to get insurance for touring.

"What none of us would want to do is get together when we're past it. I'd rather leave it where it was."

Meanwhile, Hank previously admitted he is always pleased to find out how the group - which was most recently completed by Brian Bennett, Mark Griffiths and Warren Bennett - has influenced other musicians.

He said: "There are so many styles, so many approaches. Did you know Neil Young was a Shadows fan? That's intriguing.

"I've bumped into guys in heavy-metal bands who've told me I was their original guitar hero.

"I think of the guitar in terms of a voice. I was never interested in playing barrages of notes. I really just wanted to make it sing."

And bandmate Bruce revealed his pleasant surprise at people's fond memories of the 'Apache' band - who famously spent time as the backing band for Sir Cliff Richard - and music they "can't sing along to".

He added: "I'm amazed we lasted forever playing guitar instrumentals.

"People have nostalgic memories of music but you can't sing along to the Shadows. It's a unique spot, I guess."