Mac DeMarco has released a new album comprised of a whopping 190 songs.

In a rare move in the age of streaming, the 32-year-old singer-songwriter has dropped an LP that requires a total listening time of almost nine hours.

The plethora of songs on ‘One Wayne G’ - the name of which is a nod to hockey player Wayne Gretzky - were recorded between 2018 and 2023.

Some of the tunes have names but the majority are just titled as the dates they were recorded.

The influx of songs from the Canadian artist comes just three months after Mac released the instrumental LP 'Five Easy Hot Dogs'.

The record's song titles were named after the city the songs were recorded and mixed in.

Mac recently announced a tour in support of the record.

He'll be performing the instrumentals in full alongside new arrangements of other tracks from his repertoire.

The jaunt kicks off at Los Angeles' Ford Theatre on July 14.

Mac will play three consecutive nights at London's Hackney Empire as part of the run, kicking off on July 30.

He said in a statement: “Hello, Mac D here. In July we are bringing ‘Five Easy Hot Dogs’ to the stage. Should be nice, should be different, hopefully, it will be special. Hope to see you there.”

Meanwhile, the lo-fi star recently admitted he finds it "depressing" how much TikTok is influencing music.

He told Variety: “It’s very depressing. I think that that’s the problem is artists have slipped into this role of like, 'Well, I do need those things.' You don’t … but if you want to make money I guess you do.

“I was always of the ilk of make what you want to make, and if money comes afterward, it’s a bonus.

“A lot of my songs actually do quite well on TikTok, but I never had to think about, ‘Well this should sound pretty good sped up!’ At the same time … what do people say? Get that bag, or whatever? Live your life however you want to live your life, I don’t give a f***."