Taylor Swift has performed a U-turn and will allow herself to repeat surprise songs from ‘Midnights' on the 'Eras Tour'.

The pop megastar had originally vowed to "never" do the same song again at each show of her global jaunt, but she's been having too much fun playing tracks from her 2022 album.

Speaking at one of her concerts in Tampa, Florida recently, she told the crowd: “When I started the tour, I said, ‘In the acoustic section, I am never repeating a song. I’m never doing songs more than once.

“But now I’m like, ‘Ugh, there are so many songs I want to do more than once.”

The 'Karma' singer added: “So, I’m making a little caveat to the rule, which is that if a song is on ‘Midnights’, I can do it however many times I want because ‘Midnights’ is, like, the most accurate picture of my life to date.”

The 33-year-old Grammy winner also allows herself to repeat a surprise song if she's messed it up.

Fans have got to see Taylor do surprise acoustic renditions of ‘The Great War’ with Aaron Dessner, ‘You’re On Your Own, Kid’, ‘Speak Now’ and ‘Our Song’ so far.

The 'Shake It Off' hitmaker recently said she was getting "tricksy" by throwing in different surprise songs at each show.

Taylor promised that not one single show will be the same on her current jaunt.

Speaking on stage at her gig in Arlington, Texas, last month, she said: “Let one thing be said about the Eras Tour.

“You think you can just go online, you think you can just scroll and know the setlist? You think you can just come prepared with your little flashcards in your pockets. ‘I know what’s next. I know what she wears next. I know what she sings next."

She added: “Let it be said about the Eras Tour, we’re tricksy.

“That’s what we are. We enjoy a good, healthy setlist hijinks.”

Meanwhile, the 'All Too Well' singer recently made a young fan's day when she signed a letter the little girl had written to her.

Concert-goer Gina Lanzino revealed that her seven-year-old daughter had written a note to the 'Love Story' hitmaker and passed it to an usher in the hopes of getting it to Taylor, but was doubtful that it would be a possibility.

Speaking in a video posted to TikTok, Gina said: "Okay, quick little story time. Me and my daughter went to the 'Eras' tour, I got the t-shirt. My daughter is seven years old. So she writes this letter, it says 'Dear Taylor, I’m your biggest fan. My favorite colour is… what’s yours?’ She drew a little picture and she says, ‘I’m gonna bring this to the show and make sure that Taylor gets this letter. I was kinda like, ‘I don’t really think that’s going to happen, but let’s try.'

"So she brought the letter and as soon as we got into the stadium, there was a guy standing there in a suit, probably just an usher. She says to him, 'Hey, I have this letter for Taylor. Can you make sure it gets to her?' He kinda chuckled, and we smiled and he said, 'I'll see what I can do, I'll try really hard.' And she was happy with that, and I figured that would be the last we would hear of this letter."

Gina went on to reveal that halfway through the concert, four men in suits who appeared to be part of the tour's team arrived at their section in the stadium looking for the little girl because Taylor had signed the letter herself and wanted to give it back to Bella.

The tour continues on Friday (21.04.23) with three consecutive nights in Houston, Texas.